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How to create more space in your home

Space. Not just the final frontier but something homeowners are always seeking more of.

Many of us love our homes but constantly yearn for more space without wanting the hassle or expense of tearing down walls or renovating.
We assembled a series of quick wins which may well work for you and open up space you never knew you had in your home.


This may seem obvious but it is an essential starting point. Small spaces need careful editing. Overdoing it on nicknacks, ornaments, patterns and possessions will rob the room of its natural space. Every item in the room should deserve its place there. It’s a simple equation, no clutter equals more room!

Make use of light colours

Rich and darker colours may well make a room feel cosy and warm for some but they do little in terms of space. Instead of light being reflected, darker colours absorb it, making a room feel smaller. Go for light, monochrome colours, that make the room feel airy and spacious.

Hang mirrors

It’s all about reflection and use of light – clever use of mirrors will open up any room. Not only do they reflect light, they also reflect the view, tricking the eye and giving the illusion of spaciousness.

Eliminate shadows

Opt for lamps spread around the room rather than one central ceiling light that draws all the illumination into one spot. Lamps spread the light, they keep the eyes moving around the room as well as minimising shadows.

Show a bit of leg

Choose your furniture wisely. Sofas and couches with exposed or raised legs work much better than were they solid or skirted. Streamlined furniture lets light and air flow.

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