Moving up the property ladder is something you and many Letterkenny homeowners may be planning in the near future. To help you make the move a little easier – and even sooner than you think – there are several simple steps that upwardly mobile house hunters can take. With a large number of local mortgage … Continued

Getting a mortgage in Donegal could save people renting a home in Dublin more than €1000 per month. If you are thinking about moving home from Dublin to Donegal or even relocating to the National Geographic’s official ‘Coolest Place on the Planet’ then there are certainly strong financial reasons to do so. It’s an attractive … Continued

Buy-to-let investors in Letterkenny are experiencing some of the best rental yields on record for the area. Rental returns for investors who own property in the town and its environs have never been greater. The demand for rental property is being driven by a lack of supply of new housing stock in the area, resulting … Continued

Downsizing from the family home can be one of the most emotional decisions homeowners in Letterkenny are likely to make. It needs careful consideration but can have a raft of benefits both practical and financial. Huge demand for all types of residential properties – especially those ideal for families in Letterkenny and Donegal – mean … Continued

One of the most frequently asked questions anyone seeking finance to purchase a property in Donegal will ask is “should I opt for a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage?” Both come with pros and cons and there is no definitive answer as to which is best – each individual case will have its own … Continued

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